Destry (1954)

Mike's Take On the Movies

If Alfred Hitchcock can famously remake his own The Man Who Knew Too Much than what’s to prevent Raoul Walsh from redoing High Sierra as a western called Colorado Territory and remake his own The Strawberry Blonde seven years later under it’s original title, One Sunday Afternoon? Yes sir, both directors did just that. Which pretty much opens the door for director George Marshall to remake his version of 1939’s Destry Rides Again for the 50’s western craze as just plain Destry starring western favorite Audie Murphy in a role well suited to him that had previously been played by Jimmy Stewart in the earlier edition.

Rowdy cowboys, saloon hall dance girls and Lyle Bettger essaying one of his patented shoot’em in the back no good characters is what sets the story of Destry in motion. When Sheriff Bailey is shot in the back over getting a little too close to the truth of Bettger cheating Walter…

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