Life Magazine & Audie Murphy

The July 16, 1945 issue of Life magazine which launched Audie Murphy’s film career.

The tribute to Audie Murphy by Bill Mauldin after Audie’s death in Life Magazine’s June 11, 1971 issue.


Audie Murphy was featured in the July 4, 1955 edition of Life Magazine in an article about the filming of To Hell and Back.

Audie was featured in the Sept. 10, 1951 issue of Life Magazine when it covered the filming of The Red Badge of Courage.

This ad featuring Wanda Hendrix and Audie Murphy appears in the May 17, 1948 issue of Life magazine.

The November 17, 1947 issue of Life Magazine featured a story about Audie Murphy and Wanda Hendrix.

More photos taken by Allen Grant of Audie and Wanda taken in October 1947 can be found on this Google search page.

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More photos by Allan Grant were taken for Life Magazine on January 1, 1950 around the time that Audie Murphy published his memoir “To Hell and Back” and those can also be found on Google search for Life photos. Wanda and Audie look a bit strained on this occasion, obviously showing signs of discord in their brief marriage. The photographer even takes time to show their unopened wedding presents strewn about the front room.

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These photos below were featured in the Jan. 29, 1951 issue of Life Magazine in an article about Medal of Honor recipients.

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This letter to Life Magazine with photo appeared in the Aug. 6, 1945 issue.

Every issue of Life Magazine from 1936 until the end of 1972 is available on Google Books for free. This archive joins Google’s already impressive archive of millions of photos from Life. Here are the photos of Audie Murphy that pull up when you search LIFE magazine on Google.

The Audie Murphy section of Google Arts & Culture this includes the photos by Loomis Dean  of Audie Murphy in 1948 with a framed Douglas MacArthur portrait next to his sofa.