WWII fiction with real WWII Hollywood heroes

Tribute to Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

This is a great little short story about a fictional WWII raid featuring real WWII Hollywood heroes such as Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Charles Bronson and Audie Murphy. Well done! All of the Hollywood actors mentioned in this story really did serve during WWII.

Midnight Marauders:


More about some of the Hollywood heroes who served during WWII:


Douglas Fairbanks Jr. wrote about his experiences in WWII as did Audie Murphy. Both of their books (A Hell of a War by Douglas Fairbanks Jr. and To Hell and Back by Audie Murphy can be purchased on Amazon.com).

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Rampage on the River

Tribute to Douglas Fairbanks Jr.


Fascinating piece about WWII which involves two Hollywood stars who served in WWII Audie Murphy was a soldier first, actor after the war and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was a Hollywood star before WWII who then served in the military during WWII.

As with Overlord, the Allies would employ several deceptions and diversions, known as Operation Span, to keep the Germans guessing and off balance. For this they even employed “star power.” Lt. Cmdr. Douglas Fairbanks Jr., the famous Hollywood actor, had joined the U.S. Navy at the beginning of the war and now commanded a small flotilla in an action called Operation Rosie. Fairbanks led 11 gunboats, PT boats, and motor launches whose job it was to land 67 French Navy commandos on the coast at Pointe de l’Esquillan, just west of Cannes.

The French disembarked at 1:25 am. They were to move inland and cause as much noise…

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Watch “Ford- Startime – THE MAN (1960) Audie Murphy” on YouTube

If you haven’t already seen this you must! It may be Audie’s best performance. Co-starring the great Thelma Ritter this is a TV version of the play “The Man” by Mel Dinelli. For more information about various adaptions of the play (it was made into a film with Ida Lupino and Robert Ryan in 1952 called BEWARE MY LOVELY as well as several radio adaptations) please read more here.