Battle at Bloody Beach (1961)

Mike's Take On the Movies

Breaking stride, real life WW2 hero, Audie Murphy, found himself in a war film as opposed to riding the trail taking on outlaws of all varieties in the western genre for this low budget effort released through 20th Century Fox from director Herbert Coleman. Aside from his self portrayal in the 1955 biography, To Hell and Back, this would be the only other film that Audie starred in that one can really count as a war film provided we eliminate John Huston’s civil war tale, The Red Badge of Courage from the conversation.

For this black and white outing Audie finds himself in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation. He is to make his way to an isolated coast line following a submarine drop. He’s to make contact with Gary Crosby who has been running a one man scouting station relaying vital coded messages to the Allies. Audie fans will get what…

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