Gary Cooper’s Gift to Audie Murphy, “The Most Decorated U.S. Combat Soldier,” on Loan to Cody Firearms Museum

This was from 2014, which is unfortunate as I would have been able to see this since I live nearby.

The Center of the West is proud to display Murphy’s single-action revolver and encourages visitors to check out the mother-of-pearl grip panels, which are particularly thick. Cooper even had a mold taken so the gun would perfectly fit Murphy’s hand.


50s Western Dialogue Of The Day: No Name On The Bullet (1959).

50 Westerns From The 50s.


Here’s a great little speech from No Name On The Bullet (1959), maybe Audie Murphy’s best picture. He plays a gun-for-hire who rides into town and creates a wave of paranoia — as everybody’s convinced he’s here to kill them.

John Gant (Audie Murphy): “Take two men. Say they have robbed and lied, and have never paid. The man whom one of them has robbed comes to me and says, ‘Kill that man who’s robbed me.’ And I kill him. The other man becomes ill and would die, except for a physician who returns him to health to rob and lie again. Who’s the villain in this piece? Me or the physician?”

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