Greenville, TX July 28, 1908

Greenville, Texas which is very close to Audie Murphy’s birthplace has a very racist past. Here are photos of an infamous incident, the lynching of Ted Smith that took place on July 28, 1908 in the center of town. The photos are sad and disturbing:

Here is the website which documents all the lynchings in Texas with details on this horrifying incident in June 1908. Over a thousand people stood and watched this poor 18 year old man, Ted Smith, be slowly burned to death:

There is a book available which I would like to read about what it was like growing up in Greenville, TX written by an African-American nurse who grew up in the area. The infamous sign which is also the title of her book that was displayed on main street has been removed since the 1960’s but it gives you some idea of the racism in this part of Texas.

The Audie Murphy/Cotton Museum in Greenville, Texas has some very interesting historical archives not only about Audie Murphy but also about the cotton industry in that part of Texas including information about the Black Americans who live and work in the area. I do not remember seeing any information about this infamous lynching of Ted Smith at the museum but I could be wrong. I hope to visit there again sometime soon.


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