The Cimarron Kid (1951)

50 Westerns From The 50s.

A frequent commenter here, John Knight, sent me a copy of Budd Boetticher: The Western. Thanks, John! A dossier put together by Jim Kitses for the BFI back in 1969, it’s got some excellent writing on Boetticher and his work. (Two Mules For Sister Sara, which he wrote, was in production when this was published.) The highlight has to be a lengthy interview from 1963. It’s fascinating, without the focus on the Ranown cycle that would come later, and full of all sorts of wonderful stuff.* Here’s a quick sample.

Budd Boetticher: “One of the first films that I directed was a Western, The Cimarron Kid. Audie Murphy wasn’t my kind of actor, and that showed up in the film. Audie is a very complicated young man… He’s sensitive, he’s got taste, and guts. The film wasn’t great, there was one good sequence in a train.”

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