The Kid From Texas (1950)

Mike's Take On the Movies

Audie Murphy’s name became synonymous with the western genre from this film forward.


It’s Audie’s first oater and second starring role. He had previously headlined Bad Boy opposite Lloyd Nolan the previous year. He went from playing a juvenile delinquent in Nolan’s care to perhaps the west’s most famous delinquent. William Bonney aka Billy the Kid.

The story is told in a compact 78 minutes under the Universal – International banner for which Audie made numerous westerns in the ensuing years ahead. The central part of the story is similar to the other editions of Billy’s life told on screen. He’s a young hothead caught up in the Lincoln County War where a kindly rancher tries to help the young sharpshooter walk a straight and narrow pathway until violence steps in. Violence in the form of William Talman and three other riders under the command of Dennis Hoey. Audie’s not…

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