Movie Poster Adventures with Audie Murphy

Mike's Take On the Movies

Audie Murphy. The hero of WW2 will always be for me a hero of Sunday afternoon matinees of the western variety that I watched with Dad. The Utica Kid, clad in black and representing the outlaw brother to Jimmy Stewart caught between just who to side with on the trail, Jimmy or Dan Duryea. Blood proves to be thicker than water for Audie in the western Night Passage. As a kid it’s kind of hard to separate reality from the make believe of movies so I’m not quite sure I grasped the story of To Hell and Back and the fact that Audie was playing himself on screen in a re-enactment of his WW2 march into the history books. At the time I’m sure I thought of it as just another Audie Murphy adventure with a military backdrop as opposed to the west.

I for one always thought Audie was…

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