Bad Boy (1949)

Mike's Take On the Movies

With reliable stalwarts Lloyd Noland and James Gleason at his back, America’s baby faced war hero Audie Murphy played his first major role in this Kurt Neumann film released through the Allied Artists banner. By the time that the 86 minute mark rolls around and the credits fade, you might think you’ve just watched a newer version of Boys Town with Audie in the Mickey role and Lloyd taking on Spencer’s duties.


Audie stars here as a 17 year old juvenile with a heavy chip on his shoulder that will come to the surface as the plot develops. The story is narrated by Nolan that begins with Audie finding himself in a bungled heist where he and a partner hold up a private gambling den. Audie barely makes it to the hotel’s front door before being captured and finding himself in a court of law where his attitude does nothing to…

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