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I ran across some fantastic Audie Murphy articles from Links below:

  • Uncovering resilient American soldier Audie Murphy
    • “If you ever watch one of Murphy’s movies like The Red Badge of CourageNo Name on the Bullet, or The Unforgiven, pay close attention to his steel gray eyes. He wasn’t a classically trained actor by any means and was often noticeably uncomfortable and awkward around pretty girls that he really liked — but there was a certain resilience — a toughness if you will — hiding underneath the surface.”
  • When a genuine American hero becomes a star — Audie Murphy’s ‘To Hell and Back’
    • “To Hell and Back is a near-great film offering an invaluable history lesson on the combat exploits of First Lieutenant Audie Murphy. His performance is not to be missed. Along with The Red Badge of Courage [1951], Ride Clear of DiabloWalk the Proud Land [1956], No Name on the Bullet [1959], and The Unforgiven [1960], To Hell and Back ranks with the absolute best of Murphy’s films. It is available to stream, on DVD, and crops up annually on Turner Classic Movies [TCM] and other retro cable channels.

      The actor perished in a horrific plane crash atop rugged Brushy Mountain near Roanoke, Virginia, on May 28, 1971, at age 45, mirroring his tumultuous past. The genuine hero fortunately endures forever on celluloid.”

  • Revisiting ‘Ride Clear of Diablo’, an underrated western starring Audie Murphy

    • “The Congressional Medal of Honor recipient does not reveal any great acting depth in the film, yet he brings a certain authenticity to his role. Rarely showing excitement, Murphy portrayed the cool, calm, and reserved cowboy to the hilt. Most importantly, he realized his acting limitations, and screenwriter George Zuckerman created a script that played to Murphy’s strengths.”
    • “Murphy was notoriously ill at ease with many of his leading ladies, but his interactions with Cabot are not stilted. Murphy even goes so far as to crack a smile whenever he is in her company.”

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